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What started with Blogtalkradio broadcasting....Almost 15 years ago, before the podcast craze, Fidel hosted some amazing guests via phone convos. Industry heavywieghts and cultural activists from all across the country are dropping gems in these archived episodes. Listen & Learn from special guests like Wise Intelligent, Wendy Day, Adisa Banjoko, Supreme Understanding, Dave Tolliver, Popa WU, The Real Rick Ross & many more!

Next! The "Educational Arts Project" Radio Show Aired on the FM radio featuring guests from education, politics and cultural arts. Unique stories and experiences shaped into learning lessons shared with audiences view fm radio and online streaming live!

Fun fact, spotlighted thought leaders and innovators speaking on the Educational Arts Project Radio Show are all women and are cultural leaders in Milwaukee, WI. Each one has some very interesting and sometimes controversial perspectives to expose! Topics including: equity in today's society, tips on relationships & parenting, women in politics, balancing work life, motherhood in the community organizing, money matters and much more!

Listen up (fellas), you might learn something too! Playlist on vivafideltv

(Educational Arts Project FM radio show produced in conjunction with 101.3fm The Pulse)

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