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Along with our community partners , Art N $oil has rejuvenated over 20,000 sq ft of vacant lot green space in Milwaukee WI, Harambee Neighborhood with more projects on the way!!

The Peace Park and Garden is a once vacant lot and dump site turned active green space for community resilience through collective public art and educational urbanag culture projects.

In the middle of a 'Food Desert' pops up a small little spark and it's called the Peace Park & Garden. We are growing flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits and composting onsite to promote healthy living and educate young people in particular about the importance of knowing how to grow good food and take care of the Earth, starting in our back yards, or vacant corner lot....

Mental and physical well being is a very important issue in our community. Having safe places where people can chillout and socialize or bring the whole family to exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and a safe neighborhood. Walking or jogging, yoga, sports or any outdoor recreation for that matter is extremely important especially after 2020....

We are looking forward to giving away most of the produce grown in The Peace Park & Garden to area residents and volunteers as usual & that's the best gift that keeps giving!

Powered by Art N $oil , our lil' Peace Park and Garden has inspired a whole new approach to creative place making in Milwaukee's inner city. Started in 2014 as a Summer of Peace 'takeover' project and we have scaled up every year! Engaging hundreds of residents , thousands of passer byers and countless events on and offsite. We have volunteered and consulted to help other community and church gardens, we have a team that is available for creative beautification, home and garden projects.

Art N $oil is a creative social enterprise. We empower communities by activating place based projects, turning under-used green spaces and infrastructures into artistic, educational and agricultural attractions. Art N $oil facilitates and the supports the healing of humanity.  our goal is to grow our activations & community spaces that get residents and youth involved in growing 'Argrihoods' & functional restorative public art.

Please contact us for collaboration opportunities and seasonal details!

"Too many conversations about 'food deserts' , 'food insecurity' & 'urban ag' do NOT include art or CULTURE!" - Fidel


Winner of the Milwaukee GroundWorks "MOST CREATIVE USE OF SPACE "

Award for The Peace Park & Garden

Winner of a " 2015 SXSW Partners 4 Places- Eco Award " for MLK PEACE PLACE


Join our Peace Park & Garden Facebook Group where we talk community, gardens, volunteer opportunities, health, growing and all things related! Invite your fb friends!

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