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I was honored to be part of this powerful film project. Go check it out if you have not already.

Walk through a day in the life, not scripted not planned. Everything in my featured scenes captured was raw and organic. I appreciate all the feedback and all my peoples reaching out to show love. We got a chance to give everyone a sneak peek inside TRUE Skool , Milwaukee Center for Transformational Creative Arts & Hip Hop Culture.

'Growing Up Milwaukee' uncovers and uplifts so many 414 layers and lives. I have heard all kinds of feedback and reviews. At times while watching emotions will boil, at times tears might roll. The reality is, this film has people talking. Zoom out, Milwaukee itself is a hot topic and Tyshun's big screen film came right on time. Love to see her passionate ideas manifesting and can't wait to see what else she has in the canon. I had a chance to discuss the whole project and process with Director and Producer Tyshun Wardlaw very early. In fact, I once interviewed Tyshun about her personal journey and what even led her into film making on my Educational Arts Radio Show! She tells it all! The nitty and the gritty!

Get the exclusive back, back story:

Shout out to the many people that sent me pics of their family viewing or school screenings!

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