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“Face the War Paint” 

Depicting facial forms, head gear, masks set with different acrylic , watercolor or  aerosol layers, markers , ink, patterns, symbolics. Historical, ritual ceremonial masks and body armor, distinctly identifying original spirit indicators.

The modern day ‘War Paint’ that we have to 'face' is actually worn by everyday people....trying to fit into extreme, externally created ‘boxes’ of what purpose or even aspects of ‘normal’ life are supposed to look like. Like, who is the real you?


We must all 'Face the War Paint' that we put on daily in self awareness armor  against threats to our immediate peace. - Fidel

(Some of this collection was first premiered in a 2017 Bronzeville Gallery Exhibition in Milw, WI) 

Sharing extensions of self determined dreams, sounds, and other projections from his mind’s eye , Fidel’s currently available public art collection is visually unapologetic. Representing intense, universal , subversive , guerrilla inspired realities of war and warrior code. Free with the possibilities of freedom or death.